Thank you Infinity dress for making my Matric Dance a memorable experience and making me feel like a Princess! March 2014.

I cannot thank you enough for making my Bridesmaids look so beautiful on my wedding day, the matching men’s ties you did looked just as good !! Thank you Thank you ! July 2016

Caroline Chenai Mungombe

Guess what! I have just received my dress!! Sooo happy! Thank you sooo much for all your help an efficient service…much appreciated!  August 2016

I choose Pastels and different colours for my Bridesmaids, the men had the matching men’s ties, thank you Infinity dress for outstanding service and a quality product.

Jenna Ras May 2016

Please would you credit the model: Corinne Durrheim Cornelissen  – Mrs SA Finalist 2016
Thank you once again for everything. Your dresses are spectacular.
Regards Rene Hartslief

My Bridesmaids had the winter wrap with lace skirt to match my Wedding Vintage them, they looked spectacular.

My clients wedding in KZN, they choose the Light Pink Knee length Infinity dresses!

Farm wedding in Mpumalanga, 2014 the Bride choose different pastels for the Bridesmaids to suit their individual colouring.

Maid of honour in our Dove Grey evening length dress to match the Best man’s suit.

Beach wedding, I choose the colour Sky Blue for my Bridesmaids. Summer length dresses.

Thank you Infinity dress for our Gold Infinity dresses for our promotional staff! From Elizabeth Arden  Feb 2014

Our wedding in Thailand was amazing, the Bridesmaid could wear their Pastel Yellow Infinity dresses on vacation after the wedding. Mom had the Protea Pink evening length Infinity dress 2015

I choose two colours, Cadbury Purple and Lavender, the Bridesmaids looked stunning!

I was the maid of honour and I choose the Cobalt Violet Infinity dress to blend in with the Brides colours!

I went for the Orange Infinity dress and ordered the matching Orange ties to suit my wedding theme.

Our dresses fitted perfectly and we ordered online, the them was Dove Grey. We received professional service and a beautiful custom made dress.

My wedding theme was Black and White with a little RED. I choose the Knee length Black Infinity dress. 2014

My Bridesmaids had Royal Blue knee length Infinity dresses.

I choose the Passion Red Cocktail length Infinity dresses my Bridesmaid wrapped them all in different styles, I could not believe the beautiful outcome and how perfectly the dresses fitted! 2014

Cersie Pink Knee length Infinity dress. 2015

We were asked to donate the dresses for the South African Youth Orchestra, they asked for the colours of the SA Flag. A stunning performance by such young talented musicians at the Cape Town City hall and at the Kirstenbosch Gardens.

My dresses where Burgundy, custom made as my Bridesmaids where different sizes and lengths.

I choose, Royal Blue, Lavender and Cadbury Purple Infinity Cocktail lengths, all the dresses had their own style on top.

My Bridesmaids had Royal Blue knee length Infinity dresses.

Cobalt Violet AND Burgundy Infinity dresses, the men had the matching ties also made by Infinity Dress SA. Thank you for making my wedding a pleasure to organize.

Evening length Olive Green Infinity dresses, custom made to length for my tall Bridesmaids